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Degree consulting group

Education in today’s fast-changing world plays a crucial role as never before. International education allows students to stretch their boundaries, build a network of international contacts and receive world-class knowledge, which builds a solid foundation for a successful career.

As a founder of DCG, I have gone through the process myself and acknowledge the importance of making this important step and investment. I also have previously enrolled and consulted students who have successfully completed their education in Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, USA, France and New Zealand.

We are therefore committed to provide you with the best service in the industry to ensure that you have a clear strategic plan for your investment and at the same time feel comfortable with the admissions process. One of our main advantages is that we are digitally agile and will in contact with you 24/7 whenever you may have a question.

Kristina Maslenkova – Founder of Degree Consulting Group


Work online 24/7

It is very convenient to reach out to us using Viber, Skype or WhatsApp

Personal Experience

You can rely on our personal experience – once we were also international students

Tailored approach

We will find the most effective and personalized strategy for application

We work worldwide

We serve clients worldwide with individual approach to every client

Ways of working with us

Your personal guide to education abroad



We will develop a tailored application strategy for you



We will find the most appropriate option of university and courses



We will assist you in preparing all essential documents for the application


Post-application assistance

We will help you make sure that you will get the most out of your education

Results oriented approach

Making the right first step – is getting half of the job done. DCG team became an expert in education abroad by graduating from Top international universities and from working for Top education agencies. We will direct you towards making your first step, all you have to do is to make your first step into a bright future.

Variety of services

Our mission is to guide you in selecting the right university, consult you about all complex steps that you will go through and support you throughout your course. Being very agile allows us to stay in touch with you 24/7 you can easily reach out to us at any time using Viber, Skype or WhatsApp

Social responsibility

We believe that sustainable development of each DCG employee allows us to serve our clients in the most effective manner. At every step of your route, we will guide you through the world of international education to ensure that you make the most of your education.

Data confidentiality

We take data confidentiality very seriously and ensure that your data is secure. We will only use your data with your permission and for the application process.

Kristina Maslenkova

Founder of Degree Consulting Group

Having the opportunity to study abroad was a gift, which has completely changed my life. I have chosen to apply to UK universities as their world ranks were amongst the best in the world. In 2013, I have started my education and moved to London.

I received an unconditional offer from both University of Queen Mary and University of Westminster, which I was very pleased with. My choice remained with the University of Westminster due to its ability to prepare students for the real world of business via supporting all education materials by latest business cases in the industry and world economies.

At the same time, I worked at UK Education Council in London helping students to select the right university as well as preparing them for the application process. In addition, I have also worked on organizing one of the largest UK university fairs together with SI-UK where TOP 90 universities including Oxford and Cambridge presented their programs. In 2015 I was invited to work for a large education agency in Moscow.

Having gone through the end-to-end process myself, I can understand how challenging the process can be and how important it is to have a consultant who can always support you and answer any questions you may have. For this reason, I have decided to set up my own company to consult and provide the best service in the industry.

Looking forward to working with you and please do not hesitate to contact me.

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