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By applying to universities, it is very important to have a well-thought through application strategy. I have started from improving my level of English followed by a pre-Master’s course for 1 year. After this, I felt confident enough to apply for a Masters course at the University of Westminster. Having experienced all steps in the application process and the education system, I will assist you in selecting the right selection of universities, craft a personalized education plan and prepare you for the application to your selected universities.

Kristina Maslenkova – Founder of DCG

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Become a student


Consultation, strategy development and setting your education goals

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With DCG, there is no need for traveling as we can simply keep contact using Skype where we can discuss all necessary details. As your personal manager, Kristina Maslenkova will help determine your education goals, skills, and capabilities. These will then serve as a foundation for crafting your personalized application strategy in order for you to get highest chances of being selected by top international universities.

Application preparation

University selection, preparation for entry exams, preparing key documents

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Based on your goals and preferences, Kristina Maslenkova will help you select approximately 3-5 universities to choose from. Based on her professional experience, she will work together with you on selecting the most applicable university. The next step will be to pass entry exams and IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT tests, etc. You can pass these exams in almost every city with a certified partner. Our services also cover consultation on special courses with tutors who can help you easily pass entry exams.

Application process

Writing motivational and recommendation letters, CV and application forms

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It is equally important to prepare all application documents, which will help you in positively introducing yourself to selected universities. Our services also cover filling out all application forms correctly and assistance in completing admissions documents. Based on our professional experience, we guarantee quick and high-quality support in preparing all necessary documents.

Getting ready
for your trip

Preparing documents, notary translation services, Student visa application, booking your flights and student accommodation

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Once you will receive an offer from the university, we will start working on a visa application, booking your flights and finding a comfortable housing solution for you. With the dedicated team of professionals, you can count on us 24/7 so that your experience and transition into a different country is as smooth as possible.


From our students and their parents

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  • 5 unconditional offers from UK Universities
  • Received 2 scholarship offers for Master’s from UK universities
  • TOEFL Score 113 out of 120
  • Work experience with leading university agencies in UK and Russia
  • More than 5 years of professional experience in the field of ‘education abroad’

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